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Table of Contents

Chapter Highlights:

  1. What is success?
    Success means different things to different people.
    Success is setting and achieving your goals.
    Success takes desire, planning, and action.
    Success means reaching your goals even when the going gets tough.
  1. Principles of Goal Setting
    Why goals are important.
    Difference between a goal and a dream.
    The four key elements of goal setting.
  1. Samples & Practice
    The importance of stretch goals.
    How to develop an “YES! Count On Me” attitude.
    Sample and practice goals for each area - school, personal, and sports/hobbies.
  1. Investing in Yourself
    The “Bummer words” that hold you back from reaching your goals –no, can’t, won’t, maybe, never, and if.
    The importance of being positive.
    How to improve your self image
  1. Measuring Your Progress toward reaching your goals
    Two essential questions to ask each day to keep you focused.
    How to take more personal responsibility.
    Why helping others is important.
  1. Meeting the Challenges
    Identify potential roadblocks to your success.
    How to change roadblocks into minor setbacks.
    The importance of eliminating excuses.
  1. How to Get Started using the Goal Setting for Students® principles.  
    Ten points to keep you focused on goal setting.
    Where and when to start. 
    Ben Franklin’s thoughts on character education.
    Educational contract.
  1. Summary

Each Chapter includes:

  • Topic information
  • Review
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Real World Example
  • Discussion stimulating questions
  • Home activity section


The Goal Setting for Students® book will help adults talk to children (ages 9 -15) about how to define success, how to develop a plan and how to take action on their dreams.

Additional benefits for your child:

  • Additional positive family communication
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • Fewer hassles over homework
  • Increased academic achievement
  • Learn the importance of helping others
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved decision making skills

Why are Goals so Important for Students?

If you go on a trip, you need a map. If you are cooking the holiday meal for the first time, you will need a recipe. Goal setting is the same thing. It is you roadmap to your future success. Goals help you navigate through life’s journey. Goal setting is your life compass.

Goals teach students how to develop a plan, take action on it and set a realistic timetable for completion. Goal setting helps students recognize their abilities and gives them a sense of the bigger picture. They teach students how to set priorities and organize their time more effectively.

Goal setting gives students a vision a purpose. They help students take a large, seemingly impossible task and break it down into very doable parts. Goals teach students how to identify and overcome potential roadblocks, and how to measure their progress. By learning how to set and achieve goals, students learn that adults are trying to help them succeed. The Goal Setting for Students book was written to show young people how they can take action on their dreams.

Where Have We Been Featured?

Articles in Newspapers, Magazines and Newsletters: 

National PTA, Education News, Education Matters, National Charter School Clearinghouse, National Association of American Educators, Parents Magazine, Focus on the Family Teens, Kentucky Association of Professional Educators, Atlanta Constitution, Missouri Middle School Association  (partial list)

Radio Talk Shows Interviews:

Los Angeles (1700 AM), Boston (WBZ-1030AM), Tampa (610 AM), Miami (610 AM), SuperTalk 1450, Madison WI (92.1 Talk), Tampa (1040 Talk and 971 WFLA), Inside Success Radio, Achieve Radio, You Be the Star, World Talk Radio, Voice America.  (partial list)

Where is the Book Being Used?

The Goal Setting for Students book is used in all environments where students are being encouraged to succeed.  For example:

  • Classrooms
  • Youth ministries programs
  • Guidance counselors
  • Home schooling
  • After school programs
  • Girl scout groups
  • 4 – H groups
  • In-school suspensions
  • Alternative education programs
  • At – risk programs

The book will help students sort out what they like, what is important to them, what they are good at, and which areas they need to put in extra effort. Goal setting will teach them how to take more responsibility and it will show them how to take a large, seemingly impossible task and break it down into very doable parts.


Do Successful People Set Goals?

Yes, successful people have goals. They know where they are going and how they will get there. They know that goal setting is fundamental to their success. They combine goal with strong desire and determination and positive action. They know that success means different things to different people. Successful people know that goal setting is their plan for their future success.

Goal setting provides them with direcion and a sense of accomplishment. It helps them to define their growth and development. Goal setting shows them where they need to put additional effort, and helps successful people clarify their wants, needs or desire. Goal setting help them set their priorities. Successful people know that it is important to help others.

This is your life…your goals…your success.

Will You Always Accomplish Your Goals?

Goal setting is hard work. If was easy. everyone would be doing it. It is important to set realistic goal that stretch your capabilities. If you miss your goal re-evaluate your goal setting plan and make adjustments and try again. Don’t give up!
If you view these life lessons correctly the missed opportunities can be excellent learning experiences.  Did you set the goal to high?  Did you run out of time?  Did your goal count on something happening that did not?  This is not the time to get discouraged and stop setting goals.  It is a marvelous time to learn and grow.

If your goal setting plan is successful reward yourself for a job well done. Then look for your next adventure. Set a new goal that stretches you a little more. Build on your goal setting successes.  

The Goal Setting for Students book will show you how to take action on your dreams.  

Have you ever seen the high hurdles event at a track meet? Each runner has a clear vision and is focused on the finish line. They view each hurdle as a minor annoyance in their path toward reaching their goal. 

What if you had that same mental vision for your education? 

Suddenly those tests, homework assignments and quizzes become hurdles to overcome in your path toward reaching your goals. That vision becomes your internal, self-directed motivation. The question is how to can you get that vision.


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