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1. FREE PowerPoint Presentation

What is Success? & Goal Setting 101
Investing in Yourself & Measure Your Progress            
(Covers chapters 4 & 5)

Topics covered:
• The five positive YES! Count on Me!! words
• The six negative Bummer Words that hold you back from
   reaching your full potential
• How tests, quizzes, homework, etc. can help you
• Four ways to measure your progress toward reaching your goals
• The importance of minimizing excuses
• The power of your inner voice
• Five ways to check your self image
• Four ways to take responsibility
• The importance of helping other
• Questions for discussion

Note: Other powerpoints are available.

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2. FREE Goal setting form                                             

An easy to use form to help students make goal setting a new life skills habit. The goal setting form can be used in school, sports, hobbies or everyday life to help students turn their dreams into reality.



We have asked over 500 people to give a two or three sentence answer to one question:  What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?

Their answers are on the blog and available as a free download.  When you are there, please add your advice to help others.


4. FREE Teaching Moments life skills ideas  

Easy-to-implement life skills ideas that reinforce the concepts discussed in the Goal Setting for Students® book


5. FREE Sample chapter

Download a free sample chapter for your review.  The chapter is entitled: Measuring Your Progress. It shows students how to take more responsibility, the importance of helping other, the one question we all need to ask ourselves each day and the value of being truthful with yourself and others.


6. FREE Comparison to SMART goals

Both the SMART goals and the Goal Setting for Students book are character development tools to help people understand how to set a goal. This comparison sheet shows you the difference between the two.

SMART is an acronym for:
         S = Specific
        M = Measurable
         A = Attainable
         R = Realistic
         T = Timely


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