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A book about
goals, respect,
excuses, and more.

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Comparison Sheet

This program is for teachers, parents and
group leaders to help students succeed.

The PowerPoint covers approximately 65% of the Goal Setting for Students® book. Below is a comparison.

Workbook FREE
How to Use Goal Setting
in the Classroom
How Students can View Their Education More Positively X X
How Students Can Take More Responsibility for Their Education X X
A Positive Way to Look at Quizzes, Tests, Term Papers, Homework, etc. X X
Chapters X X
What is Success X X
Goal Setting 101 X X
Samples & Practice X X
Investing in Yourself X X
Measuring Your Progress X X
Meeting the Challenge X X
How to Get Started X X
Summary X X
Discussion Stimulating Questions X X
Includes Parents and Other Care Givers X
Educational Contract X
Time Management Segment X
Real World Examples X
Class Activity X
Home Activity X
Character Education ideas from Ben Franklin X
Message to Students X
Message to Teachers X
Message to Parents and Other Care Givers X
Reviews for Each Chapter X
  • The Free PowerPoint presentation can be used as a
    stand alone learning tool.

  • The book gives parents and caregivers input into this cooperative learning experience.

  • The book gives students something they can refer back to as they begin to use these new life skills.

  • For best results, please consider getting a workbook(s).



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