The Awesome Power of YES! ---- Help for Teenagers

Are you a Yes person?

The word YES speaks volumes about the type of person you want to be. It tells people that you are willing to make a commitment and be held accountable.

Yes says you will take responsibility for yourself and others. Many of us say No much more easily. The negative word allows us to remain in our comfort zone, but it also stops us from reaching our full potential.

No validates our fears. Yes vibrates us from them.

John Bishop the Executive Director of Accent On Success, a nonprofit dedicated to helping teenagers succeed, is introducing three YES! bracelets as a daily reminder of the awesome power of YES. Each teal colored silicone bracelet is embossed with a message. The choices are: YES! Count on Me; Yes! I Believe; and YES! I Can Make It Happen.

Yes people are solution oriented

Yes people seek out others who can help them succeed

Yes people minimize excuses

Yes people have a sense of urgency

Yes people do more than is expected

Yes people are results oriented

Yes people are determined

Yes people understand good decision lead to good results

Yes people are courageous

Yes people know the rewards of a job well done

Yes people are committed

Yes people are open to change

Yes people know how to set and achieve goals

Yes people have desire

Yes people have self-respect

Yes people are disciplined

Yes people help others

Yes people take responsibility

Yes people are dependable

Yes people are accountable for their actions

Yes people are problem solvers

Isn’t this what we want for your teenagers?

Mr. Bishop, the Executive Director states: “Let’s face it; today’s world can be scary. We want the YES! bracelet to be a daily reminder that this single word, when used correctly, can positively impact our teenager’s future. As parents we know our teenagers will face many new challenges and opportunities when we are not around. But, we still want them to make the good decisions.” The YES bracelet remind teenagers that good decisions lead to good results.

The Yes! bracelets can be used anywhere teenagers are being encouraged to succeed. For example in various school programs such as character education, sports, after school, school detention, alternative and at-risk. The members of youth development groups such as the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, church groups and sports boosters can benefit from these effective daily reminders. The bracelets can be very helpful for those individuals going though difficult rehabilitation programs for drugs, alcohol or physical injury. They can be also be used for a Junior Achievement project or as a fund raising item. And, of course, by concerned parents wanting to remind their teenagers of the awesome positive power of YES.

Note: The YES! Bracelet is being offered as a fund raising item. Proceeds will go to fund other books and projects to help teenagers succeed. They can be purchased directly from the website. Thank you!


John Bishop, Executive Director
Accent On Success

314-664-6110 (office) 314-651-1479 (cell)


YES! Bracelet - More info

This link will take you to the page where you can order the YES! bracelets for your teenager or group. You will also see a picture of it.

New Facebook Group to Help Teenagers

Accent on Success®, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping teenagers succeed.

This social network is for teenagers, parents and teachers to share ideas.

Goals for the group

  • Help teenagers share valuable information with
    other teens about school and life.
  • To become a two-way communication point where
    teens and adults can share ideas about:
    1.) what they need
    2.) how they see their world
    3.) why today's world is vastly different than the“good old days.”

About this site:

With the two-way, cross pollination of ideas we can reach more people with better ideas and helped them overcome many of today’s obstacles and challenges. Collectively, WE are smarter than one person.

Today’s teenagers are part of the Instant Everything Generation. They have only known a world of flexibility, instant communication and immediate, group decision making. They rely less on face-to-face communications and more on cell phones, instant messaging, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and group decision making.

If they have a question or an idea, they can immediately share it with their friends or do research on the Internet. In their world the answers to most of life’s questions are only a couple of key strokes away.

Please consider joining, learning and adding your "two cents." We can all learn from our shared life experiences.

Here is the Facebook link:

Don't Steal My Day

My grandson came home the other day very down and out of sorts. I asked him what the problem. He said Billy called him some names. Once I determined that it was standard little boy comments, and not bullying remarks, I said “Then Billy stole your good day.”

He looked confused so I explained. Did you leave home with a smile and in a good mood? Yes. Were you having a good day until Billy said those things to you? Yes. And, did you let those remarks put you in a bad mood for the rest of the afternoon? Yes. Well then you let Billy steal your good day.

All afternoon you let everyone know you were in a bad mood - all because of a couple words. Does that seem fair? It is your responsibility to deal effectively with negative comments, people and events and then let it go. Don’t let negative interactions ruin your day.

My grandson and I now say to each other most morning:
• Smile
• Don’t let anyone steal your day.

It’s a good daily reminded for both of us.

PS. After he understood this concept I made an addition. We again talked about how he spent the afternoon letting everyone know he was in a bad mood. Was he trying to steal someone else’s good day? He now knows that he should not let someone steal his day and that he should not steal someone else’s good day.

For other character education, life skills ideas please visit our website.

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