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Dreams vs. Goals

Goal Setting is like shooting an arrow toward a target. You may want to hit the target, but if you don’t take action—shooting the arrow—you only have a dream. To turn your dreams into reality you need to develop a plan and take action.

Goal setting is your key. It is the art of wanting something and developing a proactive plan to get it. What do you need to make and achieve your goals?

There are four key goal setting questions you need to answer when determining what you want to accomplish. The first two questions will help you to define the goal. The third question will help you establish a clear plan for reaching your goal. The last question is your call to action.

1. The Challenge: Why do I want this particular goal?

Clearly define the desire or challenge facing you.

2. The Goal: What do I want?

Clearly write down the specific goal you want to achieve.

3. The Action Steps: How will I get it?

Write down the plan with specific action steps for reaching your goal.

Action steps are like steps on a ladder, with the top rung being the
completion of your goal.

These steps should as positive, can do assertions. For example: I can, I will.

4. The Target Date: When do I want it?
This is a date in the future where your dream will turn into reality.

As you complete each of your action steps you are getting closer to
accomplishing your goal.

Your answers to each of these four questions will keep you focused on reaching your goals. These goal setting principles can be used in school and in life. They will help you turn your dreams in to successes. Good luck!

This is Your Life! Your Success! Your Goals!


Questions for Discussion
1. Why is it important to write down on paper a plan for achieving your goals down on paper?

2. Why do you think it is important to have the pronoun “I” in each sentence?

3. Who will you ask for help in developing and achieving your goal?


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