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ATT: Parents, Teachers and Group Leaders

We develop educational material to help students learn more about goal setting, responsibility, making better decisions, respect, determination, setting priorities, minimizing excuses and learning how to take action on their dreams.

Accent On Success® is a nonprofit organization that is passionate about helping students succeed in school and in life.

We help students learn how tests, quizzes, homework help them and their teachers, how to identify and overcome potential roadblocks, how to stay focused and positive, the importance of learning from their mistakes, and they learn how to breakdown big projects into small doable parts.

The nonprofit’s first book is Goal Setting for Students® has won three national parenting book awards. It comes in two formats:

Age group for the Goal Setting for Students® book
          - Paperback version - 9 - 14 years
          - E-book version - 9 - 18 years old
          Note: different because of the workbook graphics

On this website you will find information about:
     1. Goal Setting for Students, an award winning book
     2. Five goal setting PowerPoint presentations that cover 65% of the book
     3. Three videos:
           • the author discussing the book’s contents
           • why the author is so passionate about helping students
           • John Bishop’s interview about helping students succeed
     4. Teaching Moment life skills ideas
     5. GREAT ADVICE - No Lecture blog (and soon to be released ebook by the same title)
     6. The YES! Count on Me daily reminder bracelet
     7. The goal setting worksheet and other free items

"... I learned to never give up. It is important to have pride in
yourself and to try your hardest to achieve all your goals."

- Ryan Chase, student

What Will Students Learn about Goal Setting?

With the Goal Setting for Students book (and PowerPoint presentations) students will learn:

      • Five "YES! Count on Me" words that will change their lives.
      • How they can help their teachers, and by extension, themselves
      • The four key questions they need to ask when setting a goal.
      • The six "Bummer Words" that can hold them back from reaching their full potential.
      • Five ways they can check their progress toward reaching their goals.
      • Five ways to stay positive and focused.
      • The importance of helping others.
      • How they can manage their time more effectively.
      • Six ways to identify and overcome potential roadblocks.
      • How they can increase their self-esteem.
      • How they can take ownership of their educational responsibilities.

The books chapters include: What is Success?, Goal Setting, Samples and Practice, Investing Yourself, Measuring Your Progress, Meeting the Challenge, How to Get Started and Summary.

The Goal Setting for Students book’s eight chapters are designed to facilitate meaningful discussions in the classroom and at home on these important life skills issues. We positively reinforce the message that education is essential in today’s world, and that parents and teachers are there to help the students. Our objective is to get students to take a more active part in their educational experience.

"We have noticed definite improvement in our child’s willingness to take responsibility for their academic success."
-George Oehlert, Paren

What Do We Know About Goal Setting?

Goal setting provide motivation.
Goal setting helps us to recognize our abilities.
Goal setting is more than daily checklists
Goal setting gives you a sense of the big picture
Goal setting helps us to set priorities.
Goal setting helps us organize our time.
Goal setting gives us a sense of pride.
Goal setting gives us a sense of ownership.
Goal setting builds our self-image.
Goal setting needs action steps.
Goal setting needs a timetable.
Goal setting teaches us what is important.
Goal setting provides inspiration.
Goal setting helps us develop a plan.
Goal setting helps us focus.
Goal setting helps us turn our dreams into reality.
Goal setting helps us become enthusiastic.
Goal setting helps students define their path to their future success.

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